We are glad to report that we are now part of the team for our future home. 

Dr. Edward Cheung Energy & Science Center

Full Stack Vision Foundation

CREATING Future Jobs


Developing skills for future jobs in the borderless
economy by making Aruba digitally intelligent.


We educate the children of Aruba to become familiar with the building blocks of the digital world: data and algorithms. Teach computational thinking is what we do. We work very cost-effective while having a lot of fun. We use cheap but stable hardware and we are a strong believers of open source software. We are part of the international community of the Coder Dojo Foundation. Besides organising after school programming sessions, we train teachers to become coding instructors in their own right and are setting up coding lessons, incorporated into the curriculum.

We do all this focussed on the 21st century skills, fully aligned with PEN2030 and the idea’s and concepts from the book Digitale Intelligence (Hoornstra en Van Lieshout, 2019), that have also been embraced by the Aruban educational institutions and government.


Until now, our economy has been determined by our geographical location as an island. Today we can reposition our sails and claim a valuable place in the borderless digital economy as a fully-fledged player in this market. Programming skills are not only essential to develop a new economy but we need these skills to take on any of the major challenges we face next few decades, because in each and ereryone of them, digital data plays a determing factor.

That is why it is important for every child and every education professional of Aruba to become digitally intelligent.

We need to focus on the future. And our future is digital.

We are a nonprofit organization.

developing digital intelligence to make aruba RESILIENT

Full Stack Vision Foundation

The future is bright, as long as we continue to create digitally intelligent laborers, protect Aruba’s development goals, and guarantee our participation in the borderless economy.

Minister of Labor, Energy & Integration | Glenbert F. Croes
Full Stack Vision Foundation




Currently Aruban tourism is predominantly based on mass tourism: cruise ships and large resorts, mostly owned by international chains. It takes entrepreneurial spirit to
reposition and renew Aruba's proposition to create high-value, low impact tourism, that benefits the inhabents of Aruba.

We need to stop buying and start building.: cultivate a creative and entrepreneurial culture. Innovative minds are willing to take risks, take on responsability and rise to the occasion and frankly: have fun doing it! We want children to be educated with this new purpose in mind.

The creative industry itself is a million dollar business, and in the digital borderless economy Aruba can play its part, like anyone else. 

The government should set a good example by being agile and
to act entrepreneurially. The government is responsible
to create a climate in which all other themes can come to maturity, in an innovative business climate. The government itself also innovates, by through eGovernment.

Commitment to stimulating a diverse economy, fully connected to the borderless digital world.




There is a surplus of energy in Aruba. The wind is always blowing. The sun is always shining and the island is surrounded by water. By utilizing  solar energy, wind energy and wave energy, it is possible to become self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption. And by the way: its green!

Virtually all food is currently imported: foodprices are linked to
fuel prices. Therefor healthy food is a luxury on the island. This causes an increase in obesity-related diseases.

Vertical farming and hydroponic farming offer enormous opportunities to provide for our own food. It should become a priority.

Fresh water is scarce on Aruba. For own use, tourism, industry and agriculture we need fresh water. A lot of it. Currently the price of fresh water is fully dependant on fossile fuels.

Aruba must be at the forefront of development and application of water desalination technology.

we create FUTURE jobs on aruba together

Full Stack Vision Foundation



We collaborate on online opportunities in the digital sector.


Helps us with mentors for Coder Dojo and computer resources. setar.aw


Our safeguarding sponsor for Coder Dojo and much more
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Helps us with volunteers for Coder Dojo and Faculty support.


Connecting peolple through podcasts we have our own show.
Tech Impact


FSVF provides courses in the digital space to the yearly business course.

Interpol & FSVF have a common goal to educate about the internet
Safeguarding Aruba's children is our highest priority with the collaboration with: Codico di Proteccion


Bruce Harms
Multimedia engineer, digital strategist, photographer, policy advisor, Cardano advocate & raspberry pi enthusiast.
A CoderDojo Champion
& FSV's Founder & President

Thanya Croes
Skilled in operations management, retail, strategic planning, business process improvement & policy advisor.
A CoderDojo Champion
& FSV's Chief Strategy Officer

Jean-Luc Harms
Attends the University of Aruba's faculty Arts & Sciences. A host at Tech Impact and also combining his passion for technology with his social studies.
FSV's Boardmember



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    Full Stack Vision Foundation
    Full Stack Vision Foundation